Specialist in transit traffic

Trucking forms a major part of LogiMix Ltd.'s transportation mix. LogiMix Ltd. is a specialist in transit traffic. Feeder vessels bring cargo from major European ports to Kotka, Hamina or Helsinki harbor where containers or conventional cargo are off loaded on to trucks or rail wagons. The goods are then transported to Russia. The port of Kotka is ideally located. It is only a short distance from the Russian border and has modern equipment and storage facilities.

LogiMix Ltd. has an office in the busy harbor of Kotka where containers to Russia wait to be hauled by Russian trucking companies. Truck haulage accounts for roughly half of the company's transports. LogiMix Ltd. has also special trailers equipped to handle air freight. We use these trailers in the Helsinki-St. Petersburg-Moscow - route, which is the most demanding route starting from Helsinki.

Besides full unit service, LogiMix Ltd. offers regular LCL traffic from Helsinki and Kotka to St. Petersburg, Moscow and Kiev. We are able to combine your shipments and send them to Russia and the Ukraine economically.

To understand how effective our system is, try it !

Our own vehicles for delivery/pickup and our bonded customs warehouses in Finland, help us take care of all the required formalities, promptly and to your optimum satisfaction.